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The Fall Catch-Up READ-A-THON

This wonderful blog happening is being hosted over at The True Book Addict and is perfectly timed for me – not only am I way behind in the reading stakes but I have a couple of big train journeys this week which are ideal for a good few hours’ guiltless reading!

So, if you are like me and have a stack of books you’ve been yearning to read for what seems like months, why not join in too? All you have to do is head over The True Book Addict’s blog using the link above, fill in your details, leave a lovely comment and get reading! She’s also hosting some fab giveaways and mini-challenges throughout this week so I’m looking forward to it πŸ™‚

Hopefully see some of you there!

First day UPDATE: I’m making some really good head way with ‘The Book of Lost Things’ by John Connolly since I started Read-A-Thon-ing this morning and it is, quite frankly, fantastic so I’m extremely glad I got a push to get going properly!

  • Yay…so glad you signed up for my read-a-thon! I will be putting up the starting line post at 8am central time (U.S.) so be sure to come by and sign in. Everyone who signs in will be entered in my main giveaway. Hope you get lots of reading done this week!

  • Oh how nice!
    I should join in, but I hv no time to catch up on my TBR list πŸ™‚ plus those are all huge books tht very validly got shelved πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for great your comment on the ebooks! What reader do you use? Do you need a backlight? Would you be okay to feature in a ebook user interview? Do email me at deepalipratap at

    Btw, You should pick up the WoT series again; I was of the same mind and feared for the writing quality. I ended up reading all of Brandon Sanderson's works (he's the one who is completing the series) via my library. He's REALLY good! I'm sure you'll enjoy his 'Elantris' series. So you can read and judge for yourself if the WoT book is worth getting.
    I reviewed it here if you want to take a look-

  • Michelle: Ok so I'm all signed up and rolling on with the reading part of this! Thanks again πŸ™‚

    Deepali: I have a Sony eReader Touch and a backlight is just about the only thing it doesn't have – if I want to read in the dark, I need to go vintage and grab a lamp. I'd love to do an eBook user interview – I'll email you pronto!

    Also, I've just read your review of The Gathering Storm and admit, the thought of concluding some of the plotlines hanging around from my teens, is sorely tempting! You've also appeased my worry that I wouldn't remember enough about the earlier books…I think my new plan is to read at least one of Sanderson's "own" books to get used to his style and then go for it – I owe it to my teen self really!!

  • I just finished The Book of Lost Things and really liked it. Happy reading!

  • Earlier this year I read John Connolly for the first time — his book "The Lovers" was not my usual type of fare, but I thought it was just great, if a little creepy

  • Catching up with all the blogs I haven’t had a chance to visit in a while, it was good to hear all your latest news. A hugh Barbara Erskine fan I particularly enjoyed your last book review.

  • amandawk: I've just finished The Book of Lost Things and thought it was great! Quite dark but great all the same!

    TheBookGirl: I've never read anything by John Connolly before because I think he normally writes crime (I may be mistaken…) and I'm a bit of a wimp for that! This was not at all what I expected and I really enjoyed it.

    Petty Witter: Thanks πŸ™‚ Great to see you! I will definitely be reading another of Barbara Erskine's books in the future because I really liked 'Daughters of Fire' – recommendations welcome!