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101 Fantasy Challenge: It’s gone perpetual…

I’ve started seeing a lot of Christmas themed blogger challenges and, even scarier, a lot of 2011 challenges – I can see myself getting carried away with that before long!

The 101 Fantasy Challenge is hosted here on it’s very own blog and is run by Michelle from over at The True Book Addict. When I joined up, the idea was to pick a number of books from the list of the top 101 fantasy books, as voted for by bloggers, to read before the end of this year. After some deliberation and input from those who’d joined up to the challenge, Michelle decided to make the challenge perpetual, i.e. read through the list at your own pace.

Current progress:
Read 31 (including all of the top 10, which is essentially the Twilight saga and Harry Potter)
Owned but unread 15

So if I read through the ones I own but have yet to read, I’m almost half way there 🙂 I’ll be keeping track of my progress on my Challenges pages, which you can get to by clicking up at the top.

Go ahead and sign up if you like fantasy – there are some great reads on there!

  • I agree with you about feeling a little nervous seeing all these 2011 challenges already 🙂
    After making the mistake of taking on too many this year, I have made a promise to limit myself to one challenge, besides the holiday challenge that I entered which goes from Nov 26 to Jan 6.

  • I'd love to say I'd only do one but I know that I'm weak and I'll get carried away! I'd like to aim to read a bit more but then, I always want to do that. So I think I'm going to just try and read a bit more while signing up to maybe one or two…*fingers crossed*