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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #13

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How has it been eight months since I posted an ‘It’s Monday’?! I’ve been meaning to write one for ages because my reviews are months behind and this gives me a way to check in with what I’m reading now and recently. Obviously writing this isn’t necessarily helping with the backlog but STILL, we are going to talk about what I’m reading now because that’s what I fancy writing about this slightly gloomy Sunday evening (that’s right – this is about the second time ever that I am scheduling a post in advance).  Also, I’m watching the film adaptation of The Woman in Black and I am not good (i.e. terrible) at watching scary things so writing this while I’m watching is my way of avoiding emotional collapse.  What is up with loud banging noises and scary music?!  As if the seeing of ghosts and phantom rocking chairs wasn’t scary enough!! 

What have I been reading?

Last weekend saw the start of R.I.P. VIII so I promptly picked up The Carrier by Sophie Hannah as my first sinister read of the event.  This is the first book in quite some time that I bought without having read at least one review beforehand.  I have however seen a load of posters at the train station every morning with the cryptic tagline “He swore he was a killer. The truth was worse“.  Call me a sucker but I totally fell for the advertising.  Fortunately, my whimsy has been vindicated and I’m really enjoying the blend of impenetrable mystery (seriously, I haven’t a CLUE who the murderer is and I’m over three quarters of the way through) and hefty doses of sarcasm.  There’s something very British about the sense of humour of a couple of the characters and it suits me down to the ground.  An early win for R.I.P VIII it seems.

What am I reading now?

Other than ANYTHING to distract me from the downright frightening film that is on my TV right now?  The Carrier.  I have about 100 pages to go before the end so it’s getting all kinds of tangled and exciting.  I was going to finish it this evening but I think something jollier might be in order after facing down this stupid film.

What will I be reading next?

I was all set to get down to my next R.I.P. VIII title but I think I might fancy something a bit less focussed on the darker side of humanity and go with a bit of fantasy instead. The ever lovely Hanna bought me The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson for my birthday and it’s next up on my reading pile.  

I own a lot of books by Brandon Sanderson (six, maybe?) and I haven’t even read one.  And I’ve heard brilliant things about every single one so I have absolutely no excuse.  What better way to start on my Sanderson collection than with one that’s shiny and beautiful and has little sketches and things in it (because yes, I peeked…)?  No better way at all.

So that’s my terrified start to the week!  Help me chase away the nightmares by distracting me with comments about what you’re reading!  Happy reading, folks πŸ™‚

  • DUDE, STOP MAKING ME BUY BOOKS! *wearily slopes off to add The Carrier to her wishlist* I'm reading We Need to Talk About Kevin (finally) and it is so good. Like, seriously, can't stop reading, guaranteed a five-star review good. I've scribbled a shit-ton of notes as I work through my Feelings and Thoughts on characters and motivations and Whose Fault It Is That Kevin's A Murderer, and I'm surprising myself by my own emotional responses and loyalties, and OH MY GOD CHARLOTTE IT'S GOOD. I cannot WAIT to see the film when I'm done, because Tilda Swinton and Ezra Miller are fitting my mental image of Eva and Kevin so perfectly it's unreal. SO GOOD.

    *coughs* So, in other news, I found my book AND DVD copies of The Woman in Black this week, so I'll watch those soon. As my books have reappeared my R.I.P. maybe-pile has gone from a nice neat 10 books or so to about 40, so that'll be fun when it comes to picking my next read! I was thinking maybe The Radleys or The Stepford Wives, stick to something from my original shelf? Also something quicker to read after the 500 awesome pages of Talking A Lot About Kevin. SO GOOD. I'll stop saying that now. πŸ˜›