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Review(!): ‘Life and Laughing: My Story’ by Michael McIntyre

Rating: 3.5 stars

Format: eBook

Source: Library’s eBook site

Published: by Penguin Books Limited in October 2010

The Synopsis

I thought that, rather than writing what you already know (this is an autobiography of a comedian named Michael McIntyre), I would put in a funny clip that actually gives you a better idea about the kind of tone of the book and the person who wrote it…I’m not sure how well known Michael McIntyre is around the world (perhaps nowhere outside of the UK!) but anyway, enjoy!

***Sincere apologies if that doesn’t work – I’m on my PC in my office and it doesn’t have the right media player so I can’t check…if it doesn’t work, it will be rectified from my trusty laptop this evening!***

The Review

I’m a huge fan of Michael McIntyre as a comedian; I adore his stand-up and it always seems to make me laugh no matter how many times I’ve seen it! But, going into reading this, I was trying to balance that against my innate dislike of autobiographies. That’s unfair, actually. Make that my innate dislike of modern autobiographies by celebrities. I’ve never read one and would still maintain that it isn’t a habit. I wanted something funny to read; I know I find Michael McIntyre funny SO I spotted this available on the library’s site and decided to go for it.

It is, as I hoped, really very entertaining! Laugh-out-loud type funny, which is, as you can imagine, not ideal for public transport. The tone was exactly like that of his stand-up and that was perfect.

What I wasn’t prepared for though was that it wouldn’t just be funny. The parts of the story where life isn’t all rosy feel very genuine and are fascinating. I never knew how much comedians go through before they are ‘recognised’ and I do now, so that’s a bonus.

There isn’t really a great deal I can offer more than that, I don’t think: the writing is superb, the tone alternates between amused/self-depracating and touchingly honest and it’s a great insight into the work required to be in any comedic profession.

Overall: As far as my experience goes, this is a great autobiography – it doesn’t take itself too seriously and is humble but, most of all, it’s a witty and light read that will keep you giggling until Christmas. I’d recommend it to fans of McIntyre’s stand-up. To those who haven’t heard of him – head on over to YouTube – the guy’s awesome!