Bout of Books

Bout of Books: Saturday

Bout of Books

Running Totals for Saturday

Pages Read today (as at 7.05pm): 88 pages
Books Read From: The Collector by John Fowles
Totals so far (as at 7.05pm): 6 hours 45 minutes spent listening to audiobook; 305 pages
Books finished: 2 – Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel; Yes Please by Amy Poehler

12.38pm:  I’ve had a deliciously slow start today.  I got up at about half 8, had some kippers on toast for breakfast (I know it’s old people food but I love kippers…) and read some of The Collector while sipping on a chocolate and ginger coffee.  It was glorious.  I’ve been thoroughly manipulated by John Fowles’ writing and I’m so glad I picked The Collector up before my enthusiasm for it wore off.  Laura sent it to me as part of my Secret Santa gift this Christmas.  She has excellent taste in gifts.  I’ve reached about half way now and the narrative has shifted from Frederick to Miranda, his captive, going back to the first week of her imprisonment and showing events that Frederick has already recounted from her perspective.  It’s chilling and so hard to put down!  We’re heading into town later on this afternoon to do a bit of shopping with some gift cards but other than that, it’ll be a quiet day with my book.

7.05pm:  Shall we be repetitive?  Let’s be repetitive.  The Collector is fabulous.  It’s fascinating and clever and I’d love to talk to someone else who’s read it!  I’ve only managed maybe 40 pages since my last update but that’s largely because we had lunch and then headed off into town earlier for some fresh air and a nosy around a few shops.  I got a new dress that is super cute and was half price so that was fun.  We also picked up some ingredients for some guacamole and salsa and a fierce chilli for dinner this evening.  Admittedly, the guacamole and salsa have been mostly scoffed but the chilli’s simmering nicely and should be just how we like it in about half an hour.  More time with my book shall be had in the meantime!

Later:  A few beers, a bowl of fiery chilli and a couple of episodes of Blacklist on Netflix.  It might not have boosted my page count but it was a fun evening.  I’ve read, I’ve watched some excellent drama and I’ve had plenty of down time.  That’s what I call weekending.