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2013: The Year of No Challenges

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I had originally planned to write and post a review today but really?  New Year’s Day?  Who was I kidding?  I have instead read part of my book, felt queasy, gone for a walk, drunk a lot of coffee and mulled over the fact that I’m back at work tomorrow.  No reviewing going on here, then. 

Still, it’s a new year and a new year deserves a new post.  

2012 saw me sign up for 3 challenges that committed me to read a total of 28 books.  My official “books read” total for the year was 58.  If I’d completed all of my challenges, nearly half of my reading would have been pre-determined.  Put another way, I would have had to read at least 2 challenge books per month.  If I’d thought it through a little bit more, I think I would have realised that that was a little silly.

2013 will be started with a clean slate and will be a year of no challenges.  Not even a target number on GoodReads!  I’ve actually seen a few posts over the past few weeks with challenge-fatigued bloggers bowing out of the fray for this year. I have very nearly succumbed over the past few weeks but I realised that it was actually the browsing through my shelves and making lists of the fabulous books that I own and can’t wait to get to that I enjoyed the most.  Once those lists are ready?  I’m not too fussed about reading from them…:-/

I do have some general thoughts about what I want to get out of my reading in 2013, though.  For one, I want to read more classics and literary fiction.  Reaching for the YA is fun and easy but it isn’t overly fulfilling all the time and I want to read more of the books that give my brain something to chew on.  Also, I want to read more epic fantasy. I used to think nothing of picking up 1,000 page tomes but in the quest for a higher number of books read in a year.  This year, I haven’t set a target for the number of books that I want to “get through” and, although I will of course keep track, it won’t be any kind of driver in what I choose to read.

I will still be taking part in a few read-a-thons and will be keeping an eye out for a read-a-long or two.  Just those that are a little more…relaxed 🙂

So that’s it: 2013 – more classics, more tomes and less fuss.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, FELLOW READERS!  I hope you all have superb years!