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Let’s Read-along Dickens and Tolstoy!

If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt while blogging is that read-alongs are the BEST for making unbelievably long and intimidating titles seem a lot more approachable.  As stupid, stupid Tess of the D’Urbevilles (STUPID!) taught me, that doesn’t always mean that the books themselves will be good and worth the many, many hours that you’ve put into them (Bitter? Me?) but at least the process of wading through is much more fun when there are others involved!  Obviously, they can also make great books even more brilliant (as Ellie Lit Nerd‘s read-along of Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone demonstrated) but somehow I think that moral support will be the order of the day with these two, at least in part…
Bex‘s ‘Dickens in December’ Read-along

Last December, a number of us faced down A Tale of Two Cities.  It was a bit of a divisive book and I think that might be a common theme when it comes to Dickens.  Personally, I hated the first part but then came around once I stopped having to trudge through descriptions of post carriages and fog.
This year, we’re going for The Pickwick Papers.  I think I *might* have voted for this one in the poll that Bex had up on her blog for a while but I can’t remember.  So if it’s rubbish, I’m 80% certain that I pretty much only have myself to blame.  
Introductions will be up on 17 November and we’ll be reading about 12 chapters a week, finishing up on 22 December.  That’s five weeks of Samuel Pickwick, the Pickwick Club his and fellow “Pickwickians”.  Good times (hopefully).

Hanna‘s War and Peace Read-along

Next up will be Hanna’s read-along of War and Peace.  Yup, the Russian epic, 1,000 page + tome War and Peace.  Honestly, I am both horrified and excited by this one.  I really want to have read War and Peace but I’m reluctant about actually having to read it.  The chances of me actually reading this by myself are slim to none.  
In a sad quirk of fate, I was so scared of this that I didn’t even put it on my Classics Club list so I won’t even be reading this for that bonus moment of getting to cross it off a list.  So this had better be good!
We’ll be kicking off on 1 February and spreading the terror over ten weeks, finishing up on 13 April.  There’ll be unpronounceable names, questions and rambling – what’s not to love?