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Rebecca Readalong Sign Up Time :)

Golly, I seem to be doing a lot of “next year, I’ll be doing …” posts and not a lot of reviewing or talking about actual books! I do apologise for that but I guess it’s that time of year – tons of us bloggers are being swept away by tempting challenges and irresistible goodies for 2011! Anyway, I can’t promise this is the last but I shall promise that I’ll get a review up before I post another join-up! I’ve finished Michael McIntyre’s autobiography (perhaps the first autobiography I’ve read since school…) and have pretty much finished an amazing historical fiction novel, Dandelions in the Garden by Charlie Courtland. Reviews hopefully up soon so hang in there blog-fellows!

Anyway, on to the READALONG!!

I’ve wanted to read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier for years and bought a copy ages ago with that very intention. Did I read it? No. It has languished on my shelves ever since. But no more!!

Allie over at A Literary Odyssey is hosting a fabulous Readalong throughout January 2011

All you have to do is head over here and post a comment saying that you want to take part. Then, obviously, you read the book along with lots of other bloggy companions and gossip about it to your heart’s content! These are the scheduled posts:

  • 14-17 January – This post will focus on the first half of the book (approx. 190 pages or chapters 1-15)
  • 28-31 January – This post will focus on the second half of the book (approx. 190 pages or chapters 16-27)

So if you fancy enjoying this classic with some like-minded folk, head over and sign up!