A new (to me) resource for ebooks…

I’ve been struggling for a little while (a whole 5 minutes!) to remember where I first saw mention of this site and I can’t so, to anyone’s blog I follow who also happens to read this article and who then thinks, “I wrote about that!”, I’m sorry – feel free to comment and correct me!

Regardless, I’ve ‘found’ this site called NetGalley – the website is for “professional readers”, which I know is an extremely odd concept but fortuitously includes book bloggers whose blogs feature reviews. It’s gloriously simple – publishers post lists of books that they have available for review in ebook format; bloggers can browse them and request copies of those they want to read and review; the publisher sends you an email if/when the request is approved and the book is ready for review.
Obviously this is only really useful to those with eReaders or possibly iPhones/iPads that they can read on OR who don’t mind reading from a computerscreen…but I think it’s a good way of finding new authors or requesting review copies of upcoming releases that you fancy! HarperCollins and Harlequin both put books on there so it’s both popular and indie.
Hope you enjoy it and find something you love! Some of the books I’ve received so far are:

The Gourmet Cookie Book Gourmet Magazine

Cooking for Geeks Jeff Potter

Enchanted No More Robin D. Owens