Climbing off the fence

I’ve been debating it for a while and must have read hundreds of articles but I’ve finally relented and committed to having an eReader. I say ‘committed to having’ rather than ‘have bought’ because I’m not actually allowed to touch the little lovely for a month (until my actual birthday, that is..).

I know that traditionalists will continue to rant about them and, to an extent, I see their points – it does have less personality than a book and doesn’t feel the same to hold nor is it particularly a cheaper option but what it is is convenient. No longer will I destroy my posture (not to mention my poor handbags!) forever by carrying hefty books around and if I finish a book in a series in the evening, I can buy and start the next one immediately. I know that could be solved by a bit of forward-planning but herein lies another advantage – I can pop online and download my new book rather than having to locate a bookshop that stocks the novel I want OR have to wait/pay for delivery.

I’m not planning on never buying another book again either – I will buy books by authors I know I love or books I know I’ll want to push onto other people but I really don’t have the shelf space to maintain my current habit.

I’ll obviously review my lovely Sony eReader Touch when I can actually, you know, touch it! Until then, I’m very excited about it!