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Dawn of a new eRa

FINALLY! It was my birthday yesterday which meant that I was at last allowed to get my little hands on my shiny new eReader. I kind of hedged around the debate when I first mentioned that I knew I was getting one as a gift but obviously I’d chosen a side by that point. Now I can actually hold the little fella, I love him even more than I thought I would.

As is evident from my chosen blog theme – I love books. More specifically though, I love reading. Having just moved house and revealed the extent of this love to my co-habitee (I’d previously hidden books at my parents’…bad, I know), it appeared that we didn’t have the space for me to continue to demonstrate said love in the same way. eBooks looked more appealing the more full my shelves got. Because, the other thing is, I’m a neat freak. Piles of books not shelved and organised just will not do…

So I did some investigating (otherwise known as hours of web browsing and reading articles and reviews everywhere) and learnt that my city’s libraries have an eLibrary site – you can borrow eBooks like regular books so double cost benefit because I could use the library without being hampered by silly billy opening hours. I also figure that the story doesn’t change no matter what format you’re in and I can, after all, still enjoy the same stories and characters and perspectives and so on.

Although it did make me do something very out of character! I never abandon books for any kind of reason because I feel like once I’ve put in some hours, I need to see it through. It’s a failing. I know that. Or perhaps I’m so optomistic I convince myself things will get better – either way! ANYway, I put aside ‘Sunshine’ by Robin McKinley, eagerly grabbed my eReader and got straight into ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder’ by Joanne Fluke. And I still loved it!!!

Ok, so I’ll admit it was a bit weird at first but after the novelty wore off, I got into the story and now me and my jolly lovely eReader are very happy together. Yes, he doesn’t smell like a book but I don’t choose the people I love by their scent so I can’t apply that to my inanimate objects either.

All told: I’m one happy eCustomer 🙂