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**e-Volving Books: SPOTLIGHT feature**

As I’ve mentioned a number of times since my birthday, I’m a huge fan of my Sony eReader Touch (for my initial excited post, click here). I often think that there’s a degree of bookish..not snobbery but something similar..when it comes to those of us who go for ebooks; as though we’re dragging the tradition of reading through the mud.

I love my eReader (and so do my handbags), which is why I also love this awesome blog:

This week, she’s started an amazing new feature entitled ‘Blogger Spotlight’ where she will be interviewing other bloggers who, like her, have a mega appreciation for the electronic word! It’s a fantastic idea and her blog is packed full of articles, features, ereader help and reviews and you should definitely be heading over there….now…(or maybe when you’ve read to the end of this post!)

It is with no small amount of excitement that I can proudly say that this week the FIRST featured blogger is LIT ADDICTED BRIT!! Check out the interview here and share the love for all things ‘e’!! If you fancy being a featured blogger, check out her blog and drop her an e-mail!

Thanks Dee!!!!