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Early Reviewing Excitement!

So this week’s been a busy week in the Lit Addicted Brit household – I’m leaving my current job tomorrow (boo hoo..) to start a new shiny job on Monday (yey!) so I’ve been Mrs Social where ordinarily I’d be Mrs Cosy-at-Home-with-a-Book. Which has meant both very little time for reading and, consequently, blogging – I know – excuses, excuses, right?

ANYway, I checked into my LibraryThing account this afternoon as is my usual habit because I’m addicted to making lists and this little beauty lets me make lists (which I love) about books (which I obviously also love) – winner! I only recently signed up for the Early Reviewer/Member Giveaway section and found out today that I’m to get a copy of Shadowland by Rhiannon Lassiter and I’m super excited!

A bit about the book:

“‘What happens here is real and dangerous. You have stumbled into a darkness you don’t understand.’ They thought they could handle it. They thought they understood the rules. They were wrong. Now four of Earth’s teenagers are trapped in new and unfamiliar worlds – paying for their part in destroying the city of Shattershard …and almost destroying each other. Each thinks they know their friends from their enemies, but who can they really trust?
And will they ever find their way home? Shadowland is the third part of a fast-paced fantasy which shows what it might really be like to travel into
another world”

So I’m really looking forward to receiving, reading and reviewing this one as it looks right up my street – although it is the 3rd in a series and I’m not sure if I even possess the ability to start mid-series and I may well end up cruising libraries this weekend to find the 1st and 2nd…ah well…

Also, I finished Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder last night and am rocketing through Fire Study to complete the set so will be reviewing at least one this weekend – see you then!