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Roof Beam Reader’s Magical March Reading Challenge

So it seems that Adam at Roof Beam Reader has a knack for coming up with challenges that I find near impossible to resist! This time it’s the… 

Purpose: To read and review works of Fantasy, Science-Fiction, or Magical Realism (for my literary folks).


From now until March 4th, the Mister Linky widget will be available so people can sign-up to p
articipate in the Magical March Reading Challenge. 

Throughout the month of March, a Mister Linky will be available for pre-registered challengers to link-up their qualifying reviews. There are different “classes” of magician, outlined below, and completion of the various levels could earn you a prize!

Other: There will be “Weekly Wand Mini-Challenges” posted on each Saturday of the month. These could be trivia challenges, random tasks, blogger treasure hunts, etc. Winners of each challenge will earn a Wand, and those Wands will be tracked to be entered to win another magical prize!

The Levels:

Magician’s Class: 1-2 Books Read & Reviewed 1 Book $10 or Less

Sorcerer’s Class: 3-5 Books Read & Reviewed 1 Book $12 or Less

Wizard’s Class: 6-7 Books Read & Reviewed 1 Book $15 or Less

Grand Merlin Class: 8+ Books Read & Reviewed 1+ Book(s) $20 or Less

You don’t have to visit here too often to work out that fantasy is my favourite genre.  If I’m feeling in a slump or in need of a comfort read, it’s where I turn.  My reading and blogging in 2012 so far has been haphazard, which is irritating me, so it makes sense I suppose that I turn to a fantasy based reading challenge to get back “in the zone”, as it were.

I’m going to aim for Sorcerer’s Class and, although I will no doubt change my mind (I’m contrary like that), my current plan is to read:

Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks

The Ranger’s Apprentice 1: The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan 
The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett 

For the rules and the sign-up post, head over here. You know you want to!