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Resolutions: 2011 catch-up and 2012 promises

Gosh, it doesn’t seem like any time at all since I was last posting some resolutions! 2011 has just flown by.  It saw me turn 25 (bleugh) and LitAddictedBrit turn 1 (yey).  It also saw me start using Twitter (@LitAddictedBrit) and read the following…

Complete books read:  51

Pages read:  18, 309

I’ve already covered off my favourites, disappointments and general bookish thoughts for the year in The Perpetual Page Turner’s 2011 bookish survey post here but, in case you missed it, among my favourites were:  

In general, I’m pretty pleased with my reading in 2011.  51 isn’t a huge total in itself but it does include a couple of pretty hefty tomes (with Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell easily the chunkiest at 1,006 pages) that I’ve been meaning to read for a while so it’s not too shabby.  I’ve read over 1,000 pages a month on average and I can tolerate that in light of how busy this year has been for me at work.

Throughout the year, I’ve also been looking at some aspects of the books I’ve chosen, including format, author gender and release date.  

eBooks v. ‘Real’ books:  Of my 51 books, 28 were eBooks.  So that’s 56%.  I’m not surprised by that, really, and this year I’m not going to keep track of format.  Well, it’s still included on my horribly nerdy bookish spreadsheet but I won’t keep on boring you by commenting on it.  I’m an eBook convert, that much is clear.  Colin (the eReader) and I will certainly be reading more together in 2012.  

Female v. Male authors:  It appeared early on in 2011/at the end of 2010 that I subconsciously favoured authors of a female persuasion.  3 of my 4 favourite books of the year were written by women and, overall,  31 of the 51 books I read were written by women.  Not the imbalance I was expecting.  Again, possibly not one to keep track of for 2012 (publicly…).  

Contemporary v. Classic:  Broken down by century, my reading from 2011 looks like this:  

21st century:  39 books
20th century:  8 books
19th century:  4 books

Oh dear.  Well, on the plus side, I’ve signed up for two challenges this year that will be calling for the reading of classics.  Lets hope 2012 is the year of more classics, I guess!

So yes, that was 2011!

Resolutions for 2012

I’m not so great at new year’s resolutions, it has to be said.  I love the excitement of creating them and looking forward to a new year.  I do not love reaching Spring, remembering that I made them and feeling bad for not following through :-s

Anyway, it’s still early on in 2012 so here goes…

1.  Stop using Google Reader so much and VISIT and COMMENT on blogs properly

I love my iPhone unreservedly and rely on it heavily.  I realised how much earlier in the year when I broke it and had to send it away to get it fixed.  Oops indeed.  Anyway, I use it’s nifty WiFi/3G business to browse Google Reader while I’m travelling about and/or doing something inactive like queuing, for example.  It means that I read a heck of a lot of posts while I’m out and about and when I don’t have the opportunity to comment.  It also means that I read bloggers’ posts against a dull stark white background and can’t enjoy all of the time and effort that I know goes into getting and keeping your blogs looking lovely (and, if you’re me, the hours that are spent faffing about and trying to avoid wonky text formatting).    

I have been reading your posts, I promise.  This year, I will do better at making sure you know that!  

2.  Be more consistent with posting and start up a new feature

I’ve been toying with an idea of somehow integrating my other love in life (cooking) into LitAddictedBrit.  I have a ton of cookbooks and love reading about, cooking and eating great food.  Somehow, I’d like to share that but I’m ironing out my thoughts on how that will look or even whether it would work. It may well smudge the boundaries of this blog and I’m not sure I want that.  And I don’t have time to maintain two blogs so…we’ll see!  

Being more consistent is self-explanatory, I hope.  Being more organised in general would help!

3.  Read 75 books in 2012

This would of course mean reading what I read this year and then half again next year.  That’s a tall order, I know so I’m not going to be too hard on myself.  I’d just like to see how I get on and have a goal.  

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I hope 2011 was a wonderful year for you and that 2012 is even better!  x