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Weekly Geeks: ‘Spring is in the Air’ (yes, again!)

Yep, I’m on my favourite topic again! Spring…this time I have an excuse: this week’s Weekly Geeks post is kind of a review of the year so far and look at the months to come, featuring things such as…

Favourite book of 2011 so far;
Any plans for reading differently in Spring-Summer;
Any plans for ‘spring cleaning’ book organising;

So here are some of my thoughts on the year so far and where I plan on going for the Spring-Summer…

Favourite book of 2011: Even though I’ve only read twelve books I’m torn between Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and The Girl at the Lion D’Or by Sebastian Faulks – I loved them both but for utterly different reasons. Rebecca was masterfully written and has a delightfully sinister gothic air surrounding it. The Girl at the Lion D’Or had some of the most spectacularly crafted characters I have read in a long time and a powerfully emotional story. I suspect that at a push, I’d slightly prefer the Faulks because of my lasting sympathy for Anne…

Winter reading v. summer reading: I can’t wait to get stuck in to spring and summer – I read way more while the sun is out because one of my favourite things in the entire world is sitting out in the sunshine, sipping on ice cold wine and munching endless amounts of jalapeno-stuffed olives. Yes, it’s very specific but it’s honestly my idea of a heavenly afternoon. Plus, we usually go on holiday which provides plenty of opportunities for lazy afternoons in European parks or sat outside quaint bars soaking up the sunshine that the UK just can’t seem to manage!

Spring cleaning/re-organising: Seeing as we only moved a year ago, most of my belongings were culled at that point and I haven’t yet accumulated enough to warrant a spring clear out. Also, I got an eReader so my books are still as neatly organised as they were when the shelves went up. However, since I made it all the way through the TBR Dare without buying any books, I intend to have a little splurge very soon 🙂

Plans for the Spring? Read more; blog more; enjoy the sunshine – keeping it simple!

So what have been your favourite reads of the first quarter of this year? Any plans to shake it up, spring clean and change anything about your reading or blogging?