Holiday Reading List: Hong Kong and Tokyo

It’s holiday time, friends!  Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be hanging out in Hong Kong and Japan, eating food that I’m sincerely hoping will turn out to be as delicious as I’m imagining and exploring both cities.  As well as all of that normal holiday fun stuff, there’ll be long haul flights and down time (possibly), which I prefer to think of as Reading Time.  Here’s what I have lined up for the trip: 

I pre-ordered Empire of Storms months ago (which I pretty much never do) but I’ve been busy recently and I wanted to start it at a time when I wouldn’t just be snatching the odd page or two here and there so I hid it and have it saved to start at the airport tomorrow morning.  The flight out is something like 12 hours so that should give me enough time to get back into the series!  I may need to remind myself of the plot of the fourth first…

After that, I’m really feeling like reading some fantasy.  I’ve read a lot of science fiction recently and I fancy something more magic-based.  I think I’m going to go for the second book in the Mistborn trilogy (The Well of Ascension), because I loved the first one and it’s been a long time since I read it and I don’t want this to be another series that I just eventually forget about it.  I’m a bit torn between that and A Tale for the Time Being, a magical realism novel that is set in Japan and sounds incredible and which I’ve shamefully had on my Kindle for absolutely years and if I’m not going to read it when I’m actually in Tokyo, when am I? 
After THAT, I think I’m finally going to re-read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  I first read this when I was…11/12ish maybe?  I remember being on holiday with my family and us buying the first three at the airport.  Actually, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was in hardback and the two preceding books were in paperback so I’d guess that puts it around the time when the third book was released in…1999.  WOW that’s a long time ago.  So I was probably 13.  ANYway, the point of this ramble is that I actually haven’t read the first book since that holiday in the summer of 1999.  17 years ago.  I’m not much of a re-reader but even for me, that’s just silly.  I did re-read Prisoner of Azkaban at some point but I’ve never re-read the others.  I’ve been listening to the Witch, Please podcast recently (which is all kinds of FABULOUS and I’ll write about soon!) and it’s reminded me of just how rich the world of Hogwarts is and how much more I might spot reading as an adult.  So I’m going to re-read the series during the winter because winter is gross and Harry Potter might cheer it up.  
I’m probably not going to get much chance to read anything else but if I do, I’m going for the second book in the Chronicles of St Mary’s series because I had SO MUCH love for the first one.  Hanna reviewed it and I agree with her – it’s bloody great and I’m excited for the next one.  I imagine it’ll be good flight fodder so I might keep that for the return flight…
Have a super fortnight, friends!  See you in October 🙂