Moby Dick read-along

Moby Dick Read-along: WHAT AM I DOING?

Back in Spring, a troop of readers fought our way through War and Peace, valiantly led by Hanna at Booking in Heels.  It actually turned out to be not quite as much of an ordeal as I think we’d all feared and I will admit that knowing that I’ve read such an unwieldy classic is kind of cool.  So when Hanna posted about another read-along last month (ish – I lose track…), I was keen to face down another classic.

But Moby Dick, Hanna and Hanna’s Voters?  Really?!  You people are cruel.  To be fair, I actually know next to nothing about Moby Dick.  I know that it features a white whale that is being…hunted?   And that it’s long but not as long as War and Peace.  And that Matilda is reading it to Miss Honey at the end of the film version of Matilda.  I know.  I’m practically an expert.

SO, although I reserve my right to grumble, I’m in.  It would seem there are very few limits on what I’ll read just because Hanna says so!

Let the whaling commence!

Want to sign up for a couple of months of whale hunting (possibly…I haven’t a clue, really)?  You know you do and you can do it HERE.