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February 2014, Where Did You Go?!

I knew that when I got stuck into my new job my internet time would plummet but it’s been a more dramatic drop off than even I expected!  I’ve read a lot less and I’ve written even less than that.  The biggest bookish news is, I suppose, my induction into the world of audiobooks.  I used to get a lift to the nearest big city and then get the train out to where I worked but now I drive 40ish minutes to work instead.  It’s actually not been that bad an adjustment because it’s quicker door to door than my old journey but it’s meant that I’ve lost pretty much an hour a day in reading time.  To try to take the edge off the blow, I’ve been experimenting with audiobooks.  I started with Bossypants by Tina Fey and I’ve ramped it up a notch to A Clash of Kings over the past week or so and I’m really enjoying it so far.  It makes driving less dreary and it means that I can stay ahead of where Boyfriend and I are in the Game of Thrones box set at the same time.  Double win.
I miss blogging, definitely, but at the moment, I have to put most of my energy into making sure my new employer doesn’t think I’m useless so it’ll probably be a couple of months before things settle down.  C’est la vie.
The Reading

Yep, I’ve definitely read less.  I was going to stop putting in a page count because I couldn’t decide how to account for audiobooks but I decided just to add in a new section.  This is the kind of thing that preoccupies me.  
Books finished:  4
Pages read:  1,599 (plus 37% of Echo Boy by Matt Haig on my Kindle)
Audiobooks finished:  1 and a half
Random facts that seem interesting at the moment:  I finished the first book off my Classics Club list and really enjoyed it so I’m hoping to topple two more this month; I was more or less 50/50 when it came to author gender; audiobooks formed a fifth of my “reading” this month
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 Awaiting Review from February

The Internet Blather

Much less blather this month, which is a bit of a shame but was to be expected.  It’s a combination of fewer hours at home and generally being knackered from being smiley and enthusiastic all day because I’m now the new girl.  I enjoyed what I did post and I didn’t feel too bad about not posting so I’m not classing it as a slump or anything, just a busy period.  I’m looking forward to the longer evenings that are starting to creep in because I always feel more productive in the evenings when they aren’t gloomy or dark.  
Still, in February, I…
…nervously posted a list for my first Classics Club spin
…happily relayed the results of the Classics Club spin (phewf!)
An altogether quieter month but hey, it was shorter.  Roll on Spring!