monthly review

How is it nearly Spring already?!

Ah, the mornings are getting lighter and the snow has gone away (for the time being…). What could be wrong with that? This month has been extraordinarily busy at work which has definitely impacted on my reading stats – ploughing through reams of law and cases during the day sometimes means I can’t face any more reading by the time I get home! Anyway, here are the numbers:

Complete books read: 4
Pages read: 1,493

This month, they were:

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse
The Girl at the Lion D’Or by Sebastian Faulks
Thief with No Shadow by Emily Gee

Men v. Women: My end of January post saw the dawning of the realisation that I had all of the books I had read were written by female authors. This month, I evened that out to 50:50 unintentionally, so that’s nice to know!

eBook v. Paper: Again, I read three paperbacks to only one eBook – I maintain that this largely owing to the fact to read from what I own before I buy anything new. So although I miss my lovely little eReader, he’ll take a front seat again when I’ve ploughed through my shelves a little bit. I think the mark of how much I miss reading on it is a good sign! I’m truly converted!

As ever, I wish I’d read more…I’m looking forward to a nice holiday to catch up on some hours!


The TBR Dare: I so nearly broke and bought some books this weekend but then I looked at my shelves and eLibrary and remembered exactly why I signed up to this in the first place!! I reigned it in and am having a lovely time reading from books I’ve been stashing for ages!

The TBR Pile Challenge: I’ve read another of my pre-chosen 2011 books this month (The Girl at The Lion D’Or) and it was just brilliant! I’ve yet to write a review but, when I do, it will be glowing – it was such a beautiful book and I can’t believe how much it’s overlooked and neglected when held up against Faulks’ other novels. Another TBR Pile challenge success! 🙂

Enjoy the dawn of Spring everyone! Bring on the daffodils!! (What? They’re one of my favourite things about Spring…)