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January 2014, You Were Solid

New Year, new “commitment” to monthly wrap-up posts! 

January has been an odd month for me.  I’m changing jobs in the middle of February and am FINALLY getting to the end of the three months’ notice that I had to work for my current job.  I’m moving into an ever-so-slightly different legal sector that I’m really excited about working in but three months has been a heck of a long time to be in limbo.  The plus side to my brain not being taxed is that this month has been my most prolific in blogging terms since I started in July 2010.  I don’t for a second think that I’ll be able to sustain such regular posting when I start my new job but it’s been nice to start the year with plenty of reading and internet blather.
The Reading
The other plus side to being in my notice period is that I actually get to finish work “on time” and get home in time to eat, read and watch something with Boyfriend so I’ve squeezed in a bit more reading than I would normally…
Books finished:  6
Pages read:  2,626 pages (plus 21% of Villette by Charlotte Bronte on my Kindle)
Random facts that seem interesting at the moment:  2 of the 6 books I read were review copies; all of the books that I have read so far this year are ones that I have only acquired within the last six months or so – more work needed on working my way through my own shelves, clearly; my ratio of male to female authors is 2:4 – hello, ladies.
Read and Reviewed
(Images link to my reviews)

 Awaiting Review

The Internet Blather
I can’t really believe how much easier blogging has seemed so far this year than it did at the end of last year.  I think it helps that I made a conscious decision to draw a line under 2013 and just start afresh in 2014.  I’ve reviewed a few books that I read before 2014 dawned because they were ones that I wanted to post about but I haven’t felt obliged to go back over the whole 2013 back catalogue.  I got behind at some point last year and never really caught up.  Even if my serenity and feelings of organisation are gone by March, at least January worked out for me!
Let’s do a whistle stop tour of the more random posts of the month!  In January, I…
…filled in the End of the Year Book Survey and rambled on (and on) about the good, the bad and the ugly from 2013. 
…FINALLY signed up for The Classics Club and posted my chosen 50 books…I’m currently reading my first from the list so I don’t even feel as though I need to bury my head when I admit to signing up either! Double win.
…signed up for the Lucky No. 14 Challenge
…posted a sort of review/eReader comparison, Kindle Paperwhite vs. The Rest (Sort of…)
…made good on wanting to write more about food by extolling the virtues of Rick Stein’s India in a Weekend Cooking post
…spread a little bit of library love
AND THAT ISN’T EVEN IT!  I snuck in a few 2013 reads so that I could coo over some books while I was getting started on this year’s books:

And that was January.  January, you were solid.  February, don’t let me down.