I am coming to a realisation: there are few things I will not do if Laura, Ellie and Bex are doing them too and talking about doing them on Twitter.  That includes breaking away from my usual inclination to avoid horror so that I can take part in R.I.P. VIII!  I was half-sure that I wanted to do it anyway but those three pushed me over the edge and into the dangerous territory of ghouls, criminals and general mysterious and/or supernatural goings-on.  

I had intended to do a special library trip yesterday morning to stock up (the library nearest to me is only open between 10am and 12pm on Saturdays…) but we had some friends round for dinner on Friday and may have consumed one too many glasses of wine, leaving Saturday morning shrouded in self-inflicted unpleasantness.  BUT it turns out that I actually already own plenty of books that fit the R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril brief so I suppose that might be a blessing in disguise…

At this precise moment, I am super keen to get stuck into some creepier books because it is gloomy and windy and the weather is perfect for some literary chills so I’m going for Peril the First, i.e. four books that (sort of) fit into the following sinister categories:

Dark Fantasy.
Or anything sufficiently moody that shares a kinship with the above

My potential read pile/list is too large for a couple of months worth of reading (particularly considering that I will need to inject one or two non-scary reads to stop me having a breakdown) and can’t choose where to start because I am over-excited. 

The ‘real’ books
The eBooks
As soon as I’ve read one (WHICH ONE?!), I’ll set up a master progress page and keep track of my efforts there!

I am even worse at watching scary films than I am at reading scary books (because I do not make loud noises or play scary music while I am reading) and the only reason that I’m even mentioning this part of the challenge is that we have The Woman in Black on DVD from LoveFilm at the moment because I loved the book and want to see how it stacks up on screen. Bonus also being that I have read the book and therefore know what is coming. Phewf!

Another one that I’m mentioning for a very specific reason.  I don’t really read short stories very often at all.  And by “not often at all”, I of course mean “practically never” but I’m being polite to short stories.  Anyway, I have a collection of Edgar Allen Poe that I bought about this time last year and haven’t picked up since.  Actually, I might have picked it up and flicked through it before putting it lovingly back on the shelf.  I’d like to read a few of the stories this year. 

Want to join in on the fun too?  Head over HERE to sign yourself up and then come back and tell me what freaky books you’re hoping to tackle!  Already signed up? Say hello so that I can stop by your sign-up post and be in awe of how brave you are!