Bout of Books,  Read-A-Thon

Bout of Books 6.0: The Wrap-Up Post

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon

I can’t believe it’s over already!  I said before I started that I loved the social aspect of this read-a-thon but I think this time around that warm and fuzzies have been in even greater abundance!  When I was getting off the train and walking to my office this morning, it was actually kind of sad to log onto Twitter and NOT have everybody telling me about all of the great things that they’re reading.  I mean, the people I follow on Twitter are mostly bookish types so that happens to a certain extent most days but never quite so much as during Bout of Books week.  What I’m saying, I guess, is that you’re all just super!

This was also a great read-a-thon for books, although I know that I didn’t set out to reach particularly heady heights with my page count.  When I set my goals, I wanted to focus on reading better, instead of just reading more, catch up on a couple of reviews and find some new blogs to follow/participate in a Twitter chat.

How did I do?  Here’s how…

Books read from:

Pages read:  542 fabulous pages

Books read:  I read the two books above in their entirety – happy days indeed and a big win in my book because I loved The Handmaid’s Tale and have a jolly nice time reading The Vanishing Act.

Reviews written:  I have reviews of 11.22.63 by Stephen King and Scent of Power by Maria V. Snyder ready to go and have some faintly coherent scribblings on the two books I read this week and Swimming Home by Deborah Levy – once I’m done rabbiting on about Bout of Books, those will start rolling out and I’ll get to feel all organised again.  (I know – who am I kidding with the ‘again’?!)

The social side:  I’ve followed a good few new people on Twitter and added a few new blogs to my GoogleReader – I didn’t do as much commenting as I’d hoped but I did do more than normal, so that’s something.  I didn’t manage to participate in a Twitter chat but that was, as I expected, because I kept forgetting when they were…next time, I’ll set reminders on my phone!

So I know that I didn’t read the most (or even NEARLY the most) but I loved what I read and had a great time so that, friends, is a Bout of Books WIN.  I hope you all had an equally good time and managed to squeeze in some quality reading time 🙂

Super-sized thanks to the hosts of Bout of Books, Kelly and Amanda. The amount of work that goes into hosting the read-a-thons must be huge and they seem to do it all while reading too.  Hats off to them both!  SEE YOU NEXT TIME for more page-counting, multiple-posting fun!