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Bout of Books 6.0: Update the First

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon

So how’s it going, Bout of Bookers?  All getting plenty of reading and snacking and chatting done?!  The start to my read-a-thon has been a bit mixed but I always knew the start was going to be slow – the beginnings of my weeks are almost always the busiest at work.  

Fancy a little progress update?  Of course you do…

Pages read so far:  99
Books read so far:  About a third of The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

The writing style is pretty unique and it took me a while to get into the story but now that I am used to it, I love it.  It just makes my heart hurt to read about Offred and all of the other Handmaids and I’m 95% convinced that I’ll cry at least once before I’m done reading.  Quality over quantity, remember?  So far, I am winning at that 🙂

I’m travelling down to the south of England and back up tomorrow so I’ll have about 6/7 hours on trains.  Obviously for some of that, I’ll be working but later on, I’m hoping to get a good chunk of reading done.  After that it’s obviously the weekend and since Boyfriend and I are still on a healthy no-drinking-alcohol kick, I’ll have plenty of time to get stuck into reading.

Hope all of you read-a-thoners are reaching your goals and getting everything you wanted out of Bout of Books! And if you aren’t taking part, I hope you’re having a fab week anyway, because this is that kind of place!