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Bout of Books 7.0: Saturday

Bout of Books

Saturday’s Stats

Books read from:  Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
Pages read:  191 pages 
Books finished today:  None…
Read-a-thon totals so far:  722 pages
Reviews written:  *points* Look, over there, a dragon! *runs away and hides*


This is the LAST time that I’m going to mention it but I really have had a super busy week at work and I’ve had a kidney infection too so I’ve felt pretty grim BUT I woke up after a solid night’s sleep, had a really long shower until I was all wrinkly, used all of my favourite scrubs, hair treatments and potions and feel much better this morning.  Ready to READ!  I’ve read about 50ish pages so far this morning while I was tucked up in bed this morning.  Soon it’s lunchtime but then it’ll be time to bring on the pages.  I’m about half-way through Catching Fire and I’m remembering just why I flew through The Hunger Games so quickly.  There’s something about the series that just keeps your eyes glued to the pages.  Love it.

Actually, I’m also hoping to squeeze in some review-writing today so let’s see if I can tear myself away from District 12 long enough to get that done too…


Catching Fire has me well and truly hooked.  I was supposed to be spending at least some of today writing reviews and all I’ve done is read Catching Fire.  Well, actually, there was an intermission where Boyfriend and I booked a holiday for later in the year, which was fun and gives us something to look forward to until summer actually arrives.  That aside, I’ve been completely sucked into the politics and shenanigans in the Capitol and I *love* this instalment so much I almost don’t want to finish it and move on to Mockingjay.  At least I have it to hand if there’s a huge cliffhanger or something…

And because of the aforementioned hookage, I haven’t been super at visiting and commenting on other blogs yet either :-/  We’re heading out for a little while but when I get back, there will be commenting.  What?  THERE WILL!  See you soon read-a-thoners 🙂

Sunday update:  After my 6.00pm update, Boyfriend and I popped to the local pub and had a drink, came back and ate apple pie and custard and watched The Usual Suspects.  I didn’t get many more pages read but I did have a lovely, relaxing evening so that’s as good.  And no, I didn’t write any reviews…there’s always tomorrow!