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Bout of Books 7.0: The Wrap-Up

Bout of Books

Whew, that week FLEW by, didn’t it?!  It seems like no time at all since I was posting about getting back into The Hunger Games trilogy and pondering taking part in Twitter chats!  

First up, let’s get sentimental for a minute, shall we?  This week has been lovely – all of my favourite blog people were taking part and being able to check on Twitter or my blog feed and see what they were all reading was so much fun.  I’ve chit-chatted with some new bloggers and done some milling about but mostly I think I’ve used this week to generally get back in the habit of blogging and visiting friends. There are so many wonderful people out there blogging about books and I am in love with the whole community sometimes.  This week has been one of those times!  Big hugs all round.  Aaaand, that’s the smush out of the way.  Let’s get on to the GOALS!

Goal #1: Reading

My final stats ended up looking like this:
Total pages read:  858 pages
Total books read:  Two and a bit

Believe me, I know that some participants will be looking at a total pages read of under 1,000 and wonder why I bothered but I read two books and started a third and averaged over 100 pages a day and that’s more than enough for me 🙂

Did I read more than I normally would?  I think I did, actually. Part of it was because I picked back up with The Hunger Games trilogy.  I’d forgotten just how addictive that series was! So I almost HAD to pick up my book in my spare time because I was pretty much stuck to it.  I think maybe I should more be glad that there being a read-a-thon gave me the kick I needed to get back into the series than about spurring me on to read pages just for the sake of it?  Either way, I was (and am!) really pleased with my reading week!

Goal #2:  Blogging

I actually struggled with this part.  I was really busy at work and poorly for a lot of the week so managing a general update post, visiting other bloggers and squeezing in the actual reading was enough for me! I do have some hasty scribbles but I think that now the read-a-thon excitement has died down, I can get back to writing some reviews. 

Goal #3:  Socialising

One thing I *still* haven’t managed to take part in is a Twitter chat.  None of them were really at times that worked for me so I didn’t quite make it :-/ That will be my cast iron goal for next time I do a Bout of Books (which actually might not be 8 because I’m on holiday for half of the week it’s scheduled for – ARGH!!).  Otherwise, though, I did plenty of visiting and some commenting and I found a couple of new-to-me blogs that I’m really enjoying catching up on.  There was also plenty of Twitter-based silliness and general stalking of the Bout of Books hashtag.  As always, I wish I’d done MORE socialising. You know I love you all though, right?  Right! 🙂

Need something to fill that Bout of Books 7.0 shaped hole?  Why not fill it with excitement for Bout of Books 8.0?! The next read-a-thon is scheduled for 19th – 25th August!

Thanks as always to the lovely ladies that run Bout of Books so smoothly – it’s terrific and I’m definitely grateful to the organisers for keeping it going.  THANK YOU 🙂