High Summer Read-A-Thon: Mini-Challenge

Hosted by Laura @ Book Snob

The Mini-Challenge: Take one aspect of your book and show an illustration/picture/photo for it.  Then explain it briefly so we know the connection to the book you are reading.

I’ve just finished Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.  A must for any fan of books and reading, Fahrenheit 451 is a worryingly realistic picture of a world without thinking, creativity and liberty where books are seen as promoting nothing but discontent.  Books, after all, present conflicting ideas that confuse people and incite conversation and debate.  Since houses are now all fire-proofed, firemen have been redeployed to keep control of the populace by ridding the world of that great evil: literature.

“It’s fine work.  Monday burn Millay, Wednesday Whitman, Friday Faulkner, burn ’em to ashes, then burn the ashes.  That’s our official slogan”  
[Firemen’s slogan, page 15]