It's Monday,  Read-A-Thon

It’s Monday! What are you reading? (#1)

Coming to you from a gloomy evening in Yorkshire, England is my inaugural ‘It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?’ post! Hosted over at Book Journey helps book bloggers the world over share their past, present and future reads – simple but effective!


What have I read this past week?
I know it won’t seem like much to those readers that power through books at a pace that makes me feel inadequate but this has been an excellent week for reading for me and I have actually finished 3 books! That is in no small part owing to the fact that we experienced some rare sun and I took terrible advantage by lounging around in it all Saturday with my eReader…This week’s books were:

by Scott Westerfeld

The Auschwitz Violin by Maria Angels Anglada

Fallen by Lauren Kate

and The Auschwitz Violin were both wonderful, although obviously in very different ways. I’m undecided on Fallen for the time being (I only finished it half an hour ago and just can’t make up my mind about it!)…

What am I reading now? Oddly enough, nothing! I finished Fallen and turned on my laptop straight away to reload my eReader.

Reading plans for this week: I haven’t quite decided yet but I do know that I always need a big kick in the trouser-area to make me even consider picking up anything remotely creepy so I’m thinking that I’m just going to head over to sign up to Michelle’s Frightful Fall Read-a-Thon hosted at her Castle Macabre blog – any recommendations for scary(ish!) books that aren’t going to leave me sleeping with the light on for the rest of my life are welcome! 🙂