The End of the Year Read-a-Thon: Friday 13th!

I’m actually in no way superstitious but have coincidentally chosen Friday 13th as my hibernation evening.  I’m no longer attending my work’s Christmas party (because I’m leaving in February and I don’t need that much awkwardness in my life just before Christmas) so, while Boyfriend is out enjoying his, I’ll be at home, in my onesy (yes, Ellie, my onesy!), under my dressing gown, eating Kettle Chips and reading.  I have high hopes for this evening’s page count so I’ve given today it’s own post and everything!  Although that probably means that I’ll get drawn into watching something on TV and won’t get any reading done…
Friday’s Stats and Things
Pages read today:  116 pages (as at 9.35pm)
Books read from today:  Cracked by Eliza Crewe
Total pages read so far:  328 pages
Total books read so far:  Two halves!  Shame they aren’t of the same book…
12.29pm: This won’t necessarily be much of an update but I’m eating soup and browsing the internet so I figured that I might aswell check in and update after this morning’s commuting reading.  I think I was really in need of some action-packed YA because I’m enjoying Cracked a lot more than I expected to. There’s a twist in the Templar tale and a demon that eats souls and all kinds of other kooky goings on and plenty of things that I don’t know yet and it’s fun!  Meda is the soul-eating main characters and she’s sarcastic and evil and it makes a refreshing change.  I’m hoping that I might finish this one in a big crisp-fuelled binge this evening, actually.

6.57pm:  I got spotted AGAIN on the train this evening by a colleague.  I promise that I’m not completely anti-social all the time but is it so much to ask that I get to read my book in peace after spending all day at work with the people?  Apparently so.  Moan over!  Now I’m tucked up nice and warm at home and about to get stuck back into Meda’s human-hating, soul-eating ways.  My evening will basically look like this:

Colin, Kettle Chips and a big squishy cushion…
a winning combination

9.35pm:  Ah, this evening has been just what I needed to round off this week.  The beginning was naff but the end has been the best!  Yesterday night, I met up with Hanna and we had lots of food and plenty of wine and nattered for what felt like 5 minutes but was the whole evening and it was the best.  This evening, I got home, ate some dinner, hastily bashed out the above update and then settled in with a book and some snacks and it has been another WINNER of an evening.  I’ve actually read about 78 pages or so of Cracked by Eliza Crewe and there have been some nifty twists and some fighting and the rubbish romantic sub-plot that I thought was developing actually wasn’t and I have so much more satisfaction from the respect I have for this book for making me wrong than I would get from the smug “Well, I knew that was coming” feeling.  So this is the one instance ever in which I am glad that I am wrong.  Let’s not get used to that.

Image found here
In amongst reading and eating salty snacks, I’ve also watched a nonsensical episode of Grand Designs. I love house developy programmes at the moment because I like to imagine that I have far more natural skill in interior design than I actually do and that allows me to watch other people bravely following their dream and sneer at them while they over-spend in a naive and perfectly understandable manner. Although this was one of those ones where they said that their budget was £250,000 and then managed to cough up a £400,000 to build a huge great gothic, towery thing.  So I moaned at the programme for nearly the full hour until they went back and it looked amazing and I decided that I want a wall in my house painted red. I have no idea which one but one somewhere.  So all in all a productive evening you might say?  Soon to be rendered much less so when I go and collect Boyfriend from his festive drinking extravaganza…I might get some reading done in the meantime with a mug of peppermint tea but possibly not…QI is on, after all.