The Moonstone Read-a-Long #readWILKIE – Signing Up

One thing I learnt when I sort-of-a-little-bit took part in Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon was that anything involved a multitude of book bloggers is the best.  So I’m following up the read-a-thon with a read-a-long.  Of The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins hosted over at Lit Nerd.
I haven’t read The Woman in White so I’m a complete novice when it comes to Wilkie Collins.  As Ellie Lit Nerd (so many Ellies!) puts it, though, “What better time to read a Wilkie than November? It’s dark and chilly and the nights are long – perfect for snuggling up with a Wilkie mystery”  Quite.
I actually meant to sign up way back when Ellie put up the sign-up post but then there was the faffing about with the moving and stuff and so I’m doing it mere days before it starts (because, if we’re being honest, Hanna signed up and reminded me that it was happening…).  Because apparently my Thing is signing up for blogging events at the last possible moment when utterly unprepared.  I mean sure, I don’t have the internet at the moment but installation is now at least scheduled!  For the 16th.  The mid-point check-in weekend.  See?  I told you – last minute everything is my jam.
If you also enjoy the thrill of jumping onto bandwagons just before they roll off down a hill, SIGN UP HERE.