Reading Room Wishlist

Reading Room Wishlist: Part Two – Duck Egg Chic

The building of our pretty new house is going well (even if the boring paperwork parts aren’t exactly super speedy) so I thought it was about time for checking off another item on the reading room wishlist. 

This time around, we’re talking colours.  Specifically, duck egg blue.  It is worth mentioning that I am also including similar shades, since I’m by no means an interior designer.  Please don’t tell me that I’ve used a picture showing spearmint or something…I know already so I may not be 100% grateful…:)

While I love the idea of a lofty wood-filled library with lots of great, looming shelves full of books and arty knick-knacks…

…I am also realistic about the amount of space that I have to play with. Grandiose chandeliers, leather and oak would crowd the room that I have in mind and probably make something oppressive. Not quite the look that I’m going for.

To keep everything light and airy, and stop me feeling like I’m stuck inside a tree, cream will be the name of the game.  I am, however, horrendously clumsy and there is no way on Earth that I would subject a cream room to my company.  Which leads me to the conclusion that cream and something was a much more sensible option. Which in *turn* lead me here…
If I could curl up there with the sun streaming in, a cup of coffee and a brilliant book, I’m pretty sure that I’d be the happiest little reader in the whole world.  That colour scheme is definitely something that I want to replicate.  Doesn’t it just look so soothing and calming? 

The space behind the half-wall may be about what I have to work with (although that is a COMPLETE guess…) so I’m hopeful that I can create something that oozes this kind of tranquillity.

I’m not sold on the mermaid on the wall but I *love* the huge white bookshelves, vintage-style armchairs and the fact that there are little lamps and candles in all of the corners for when the sunlight fades.  

Among the other things I adore about this colour: it looks awesome with flashes of a bolder colour (like coral, say); it also looks beautiful by itself, which makes it an easy colour to decorate with and around; it is the base for some impossibly elegant, classic fabrics…


Source: via Charlotte on Pinterest
Source: via Charlotte on Pinterest

Reading Room Wishlist (so far…)
2) Duck Egg Blue

Next time: Somewhere to sit!