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Weekly Geeks #2: The Fight against BBD (Blurry Book Disorder)

I am determined to manage to do this weekly! Ok, so I didn’t manage last week, which incidentally would only have been my second, but I’m back on it!

This week’s Weekly Geeks theme is Blurry Book Disorder, neatly described there as:

When one can no longer keep the characters and storylines straight. Often brought on by reading multiple books from the same genre in a short period of time.

The task is to plot a plan of attack so as to avoid this terrible affliction!

As it happens, this isn’t something that really happens to me, predominantly because I don’t tend to read that fast. When I’m only getting through one or two books a week, the scope for blurring them together is more limited…however, I can sympathise in that when I’ve read a series of books (even if it’s just a trilogy), I’ll remember it as one long story and the lines where one book becomes the next gets a bit muddled. Fine when it’s just me, less fine when I’m trying to talk to somebody about, say, the first book and I’m desperately trying to avoid second book spoilers….

There seems to be but one solution: stop reading series of books all in one go!!

At the moment, I’m a terrible chain-reader and very rarely read anything in between each book in a series. Maybe I should stop that and try, at least once (!), to break them up a bit. That would no doubt be helped if I stopped buying the series all at once. I don’t even know why I do it sometimes…

So anyway, the next time I start a series, I’ll read a book in between each part! Hopefully…..