Things That Made Me Happy This Week #3

Every time I start to write one of these posts, I tell myself that I’ll then get onto writing something vaguely book related to go up during the week and that this week, this week, will be the one where I keep up with comments and generally get back into blogging.  It’s not been going especially well so far but I remain hopeful.
1.  SUNSHINE.  So simple and yet so uplifting.  
2.  Harvest time.  Boyfriend and I have a few different types of vegetables growing and on Saturday, we picked and scrubbed loads of potatoes, onions and garlic.  We’re definitely not experts but there’s something distinctly satisfying about cooking with things you’ve grown in your own garden.  
3.  Starting a really great book and getting hooked.  I’ve been super busy lately and not really getting to my books.  It took me months to get through Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon even though I really liked it.  I finally sobbed my way through the ending this week and got excited about picking something new.  I went for The Notable Brain of Maximilian Ponder, which came Hanna recommended and seemed like a safe bet for something to rekindle my bookish love.  It’s quirky and extremely well-written and I’m loving reading it.
4.  Home-made tagliatelle.  I’ve listened to TV chefs tell me how easy it is to make your own pasta for years and made about a thousand mental notes to give it a go.  My mum happened to ask me what I wanted for my birthday around about one such occasion and I finally decided to just get a pasta machine and get stuck in.  It arrived this week and I opened it early because I knew I’d have the time this weekend to try it out.  We’ve just tucked into my first effort and I was pleasantly surprised – it really was easy and it was delicious in a simple carbonara.  I see a lot of pasta in my immediate future.
5.  Learning Italian.  When I was doing GCSEs and A Levels, I loved languages.  I did both French German at GCSE and then French A Level and I loved them.  Obviously that was some time ago and this week, on a whim after seeing an advert for Babbel on TV, I decided to start learning Italian.  Boyfriend and I both adore Italy so it seemed like a good choice.  The app is easy to use and so far, I really do feel like I’m learning a lot and it’s wonderful.  And at £17.99 for 6 months, it wasn’t too expensive either. As long as I can hold a basic conversation with people at bars and in hotels and the like when we’re next in Italy on holiday, I’ll be happy 🙂
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