Things That Made Me Happy This Week #5

This week has been kind of gross.  I’ve had a cold and lost my voice (which honestly before this week I didn’t even really believe was an actual thing) and work’s been so hectic that I haven’t really had any down time (although I have been working from home, which was really necessary both for me and my colleagues who don’t need to catch whatever disgusting thing I’ve had).  All the more important to take some time to pick out some highlights.
1.  My Christmas tree and other festive treats.  Last weekend, we put up our Christmas tree and it’s little twinkly lights have been keeping my living room feeling cheery ever since.  Plus, while hunting for our box of decorations, I took the opportunity to dig out some of my more festive reads from my stash of books that are residing in the loft until they can be safely shelved early next year.  I’ve already read and reviewed Mystery in White by Jefferson J. Forjeon and I’m saving The Mistletoe Bride by Kate Mosse for next week.  Neither are the usual warm and fuzzy Christmas literary fodder but I’m not that much of a fan of contemporary reads so these suit me just fine.
2.  The Ballroom by Anna Hope.  I loved Wake when I read it earlier this year and I was unbelievably excited to get an ARC of Hope’s new novel.  It’s set in an asylum on the Yorkshire moors in 1911 and I’m pretty certain that it will break my heart but the writing and atmosphere are stunning so ]tears will be a fair price.
3.  Christmas partying.  I’m lucky enough to work with a great group of people.  We had our Christmas party on Friday and it was a lot of fun.  Saturday morning was less so (damn you, open bar!) but getting to scoff pigs in blankets and drink gin with my work buddies was worth it.  We have another outing next Friday for just my team so I’m expecting more merriment then!
4.  Gift buying.  I love shopping for gifts for people!  I’ve done pretty much all of my Christmas shopping now and I’ve got a wrapping date with my best friend next weekend so that we can drink some wine, watch something festive (Love Actually, hopefully) and wrap up all of our gifts. 
5.  Curry, Malbec and Die Hard.  Ellie Lit Nerd was tweeting about Die Hard last week (I think…) and it gave me a craving to watch the film again that has loitered all week.  Last night, I cooked a pretty fierce beef madras, we cracked open a delicious bottle of wine and popped in the DVD.  It was an awesome evening and the perfect way to spend the day after a Christmas party.

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