Things That Made Me Happy This Week #6

This week has been a dark week in the United Kingdom.  I won’t talk too much about politics but I will say that I was (and am) a passionate believer in the European Union and of UK being part a member of the EU.  I am devastated by the decision taken by the UK population and extremely concerned about the ideologies that it has legitimised and what it will mean for the country.  Now more than ever I feel that it’s important to remind myself that the bright spots are still there.

1)  The Wheel of Time.  Even before the result on Friday, I was feeling in need of a comfort read.  As it’s been a few months since I read The Great Hunt as part of my re-read of the Wheel of Time series, I reached for the next instalment: The Dragon Reborn.  I absolutely adore it.  I’m happy to find that I remember just enough to know what moments are pivotal and to spot the hints at events to come but not so much that I’m not completely wrapped up in the story and enjoying it just as much as I did the first time.  Reading it just makes me smile.

2)  Sunshine.  It hasn’t felt particularly like summer much yet this year but this morning I snatched a couple of hours out in the sunshine reading my book and it was delightful.  Restful and relaxing and just all round lovely.
3)  Like-minded people.  I am fortunate enough to work in an environment where I have been surrounded by people who are on the same page as me politically (at least on the EU referendum).  We shared in our despair on Friday morning and it made the whole experience slightly easier to bear.  Boyfriend and I visited my parents yesterday and we all had a cathartic rant over a few beers sat outside.  There are times when you need to vent and I’m lucky enough to have people to vent at who share in my frustrations.
4)  Being challenged.  I’ve been working long hours this week but I’m involved in a project that is challenging and exciting and even while I’m lamenting the early trains and the lack of sleep, I’m so grateful that it’s all part of a job that I love.  I work with great people who I learn from all the time and I’ve reached the point where I absolutely know that moving firms was 100% the right choice.  Sometimes you really do need to make that jump and give it every chance to pay off.
5)  WEDDING.  I’m still so, so excited about getting married.  I have a Pinterest board that is packed full of ideas for favours and decoration and other beautiful things and I can not wait.  This week I’ve been emailing our wedding planner in readiness for our trip to Florence in August and we’ve been chatting photographers and make-up and it’s the BEST!  I have weekends coming up where I get to dress my bridesmaids and it’s so nice to have an excuse to spend a lot of time with my favourite people.  
The world could do with cheering up – share your happy!  #sharethehappy