TBR dare

The TBR Dare!

The Dare: This is not a reading challenge. It’s a dare. [James @ Ready When You Are, C.B dares] you to pledge you will only read books in your TBR stack for as long as you dare starting 1 January 2011.

**One hour, one day, one book, one week, or until the dare ends on April 1**

I know I’ve mentioned this about a thousand times since I started blogging but early this year my boyfriend and I decided to be “grown-ups” and buy a house – I know, scary! So I merrily packed up my books in boxes, supervised them into the van that contained everything we owned (more than we thought, as it turns out…) and bobbled along the road to suburban happiness.

My parents, as a moving gift, helped us buy some furniture and I invested in two huge bookcases for my collection. Floor to ceiling jobs that made the study look just lovely! And then I started unpacking…carried on unpacking…still unpacking…and they were full and I hadn’t finished. Yes, a problem.

Another thing people don’t mention: houses are expensive! Decorating, furnishing and a new front door does not need a lot to spare for books – and yet I always manage to squeeze some in each month…

ANYway, enough blabbery back story? I think so! In short: I have too many books and could do with saving some money if I ever want to go on holiday ever again; I need to actually read the books I have rather than spending the money I don’t have on new ones…

SO: I will be reading exclusively from my stash of books (e and regular!) from 1 January to at least 1 February and as long as I can manage after that!

Care to join me?! Just click the blog title link back up at the top of this post! You know you want to…