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Top Ten Tuesday: Spring TBR 2013

What’s that?  It’s Wednesday, you say?  Shhh…

I’ve actually been meaning to take part in Top Ten Tuesday for ages but I’m always so late at noticing what the week’s topic is that I never get round to actually posting a list on Tuesday.  Kind of like this week, I suppose!  

Regardless, this week’s topic (hosted, as always, at The Broke and the Bookish) is one that means I get to nosey through my To Be Read list.  The likelihood of me sticking to this list is roughly slim to none but I do so love making the lists…

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor – This series has obviously been back all over the blogosphere recently with the release of the second instalment in the series.  I recently went through a phase where I wasn’t getting on too well with YA.  I’m reading Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll at the moment, though, and have been surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed it so I’m tentatively putting Daughter of Smoke and Bone back on the menu.

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel – Other than the obvious? Because my Dad recently read it and raved about it.  I have a paperback copy, though, which I carried to and from work for one day before declaring it too heavy. I’m fifth in the waiting list for an eBook copy from the local library at the moment…

A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin – Mid-way through A Game of Thrones, I was sort of on the fence. By the end, I was (as all readers seem to be) completely hooked and will no doubt be getting to the second before too long.

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce – I bought this really soon after the paperback came out because I was *dying* to read it.  However long after, I still haven’t read it.  In my head, it’s the perfect book for when spring finally starts to peek through.

HHhH by Laurent Binet – I *love* the sound of this one!  The blurb describes it as “a seemingly effortless blend of historical truth, personal memory, and Binet’s remarkable imagination”.  Can’t wait.

The Yard by Alex Grecian – “1889, London. Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror is finally over. But a new one is just beginning…”  One that I’m probably going to read sooner rather than later, while the snow is still swirling and the evenings are still a touch gloomy.

 The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson – Reading A Game of Thrones reminded me how much I loved epic fantasy.  Great, huge, tomes of fantasy.  The Mistborn trilogy is next up, I think.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman – Just because everybody seems to love it and I haven’t a clue why I am still yet to read it.

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion – Ellie has made Warm Bodies sound irresistible.  I got approved for a copy on NetGalley, which was extremely exciting.  So maybe I should read this next. This list is actually confusing me no end…

And last but by no means least…

Regeneration by Pat Barker – I’ve borrowed this from my Dad as part of my decision to read some great books this year that I’ve been meaning to read for years.  I think I’m saving this for when I have the time to really mull my way through it because it sounds very…moving: “[Bookone in Pat Barker’s series of novels confronting the psychological effects of World War I, focuses on treatment methods during the war and the story of a decorated English officer sent to a military hospital after publicly declaring he will no longer fight…it combines real-life characters and events with fictional ones in a work that examines the insanity of war like no other

And that’s it!  This season’s reading 🙂  Anything I absolutely should grab right away? Anything I should be dodging?  What are YOU reading this season?