Back on the Book Blogger Hop: 27-30 August 2010

I’ve missed out on the Book Blogger hop this past few weeks because I always manage to turn up too late to the party! But this week I’ve manouvered myself into a Friday night flying solo (pyjamas, a glass of red wine, a cheesy DVD and a good book? Yes please!) so I’m pleased to finally join in again!

If you’re new to my blog, thank you so much for stopping by – I’m looking forward to returning the hop to all of your great blogs! If you’re a return hopper, thank you to you too – you know I love you, right?

So this week’s question on the Twitter-Friday-Follow-inspired book blog hop is:

Do you use a rating system for your reviews and if so, what is it and why?

So far I haven’t used a rating system on my blog, which is strange because when I first started blogging I definitely wanted to. I was going to then go for a traditional 5 star rating system as a way of letting people know before they read my review what to expect, and I’m sure that is what I will still prefer when I get around to fixing this oversight. It think it also gives bloggers a way of organising reviews (and golly do I like things to be organised) and keeping track of trends and favourites. I’ve seen more complicated rating systems and I think they give readers a really detailed idea of what to expect from a book but I think that, when I implement a reviewing system, mine will be simple, simple, simple. For two reasons: I already over-analyse things without having to do so numerically; and, I’d like to demonstrate how much I liked the book while still leaving the detail to the review.
When I got to reviewing, I then just sort of bumbled along and the only rating I was doing was on LibraryThing. Actually, now my attention has been drawn to it, I should remedy this!

So what kind of systems do you prefer? The more complicated the better or simple all the way?