Book Blogger Hop: 23 – 26 July – What am I reading?

Somehow it’s that time again – I honestly couldn’t tell you where my weeks go!

Anyway, the routine is this: It’s Friday, It’s the Blog Hop (cue ‘will I have enough time to do it justice?’ calculation)…ah, whatever, Here I go!

This week, the question/theme over at Crazy for Books is:


This week I started Karin Alvtegen’s Shadow. I wrote about it in my Mailbox Monday post because it was a book I was really eager to start. And so I did. And I kind of wish I hadn’t.

Seeing as it was a barely-300-page long thriller I expected it to be fast-pased and gripping. Unfortunately, I am really struggling with the characters who are, with the exception of the character who we only saw in earlier life because she’s now the deceased character, self-pitying and selfish.

I’d really love to hear from someone who has read this or another one of Alvtegen’s novels and liked it because I’m started to think I’m getting grumpy in my old age!

On the plus side, this week I finished Christopher Moore’s ‘A Dirty Job’ and thought it was fab, which admittedly doesn’t fall into the brief but I wanted to end on a positive! đŸ™‚

Looking forward to seeing more great new blogs this week! Thanks for hopping by! x