Book Blogger Hop: 6-9 August – Do you listen to music when you read?

Hello hoppers all!

So it’s Saturday afternoon and I finally got around to hopping! The question this week was:

Do you listen to music when you read? If so, what are your favourite reading tunes?

I tend to multi-task at all times – I’ll browse the internet while I’m watching TV, make phone calls while I’m cooking and have been known to tidy up while I’m brushing my teeth. But for some reason, I never mix reading with anything! I love listening to music and I love to read but I just can’t mix the two – I just get jumbled and concentrate on neither. If I’m reading, I like to focus and get right into a story and if I’m listening to music, I like to warble along. I hate feeling like I’ve read the same paragraph over and over, which is what tends to happen if I’m trying to read while listening to music or watching TV.

Although, having said that, if I’m on a train I’ll occasionally plug in my iPod to block out any irritating conversations I find myself earwigging on unintentionally – and, if I do, it has to be something without words…

Hope everyone enjoys the hop – hopefully will see some new (blog)faces this weekend and some of my favourites 🙂