Drifting back to my bookish ‘home’

Whew – what a week! Work has been insanely busy for the past week or so as we’ve been preparing for a couple of big trials that are coming up at the end of this month. It’s meant a lot of late nights and a lot of reading – and no, not the good kind. While it’s been an amazing learning experience and a fascinating process, it’s left me little in the mood for more reading (this time of the good kind) when I’ve got home. This weekend I did a lot of girly indulgent stuff (think long bubble baths, glasses of wine and face masks) and a little too much of the wine stuff with some of my favourite people 🙂

I’m now revitalised and got to picking up a book by Sunday evening. I immediately browsed my collection, subconsciously moving through my range of epic fantasy novels…

Since I started blogging, I have gradually changed what I read. In an effort not to just review the same types of books over and over, I’ve moved through a lot more genres than I ordinarily would. I know I’m not alone in this but it intrigues me.

When I was about 14 (I think), a good friend of mine leant me ‘The Eye of the World’, the first in Robert Jordan’s beyond-epic Wheel of Time series. 10,000+ pages later and I was still in love with the world that Jordan had created and the characters I effectively grew up with. When Jordan sadly died before he was able to finish the series, I vowed never again to start an epic fantasy series that wasn’t finished. Until recently, I hadn’t knowingly broken that vow (I say ‘knowingly’ because my best friend informed me that the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris was finished at Book 10…it clearly isn’t…ah well..)

I’m currently reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss which is both epic and brilliant. And part of an as yet incomplete trilogy. Oddly, though, I find myself feeling as though I’ve come ‘home’. I love reading new genres and I love reading new authors but there’s something I find extremely comforting about the first few chapters of exploring a new magical world and getting to know a host of complex characters with their political machinations and adventurous exploits. I admit it; I’m a complete fantasy geek!

So, seeing as I’m feeling the love for epic fantasy series and I’m hoping the good outdoor-reading-weather is just around the corner (yeah, right…) – any recommendations for some series I should be searching out?

Are there any genres you just feel all warm and fuzzy when you read?


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I’ve also been on quite the book purchasing binge recently…hopefully I’ll get around to showing off the newbies soon too 🙂 Bear with me!