Fire (and a distinct lack of hopping..)

I’m nearly finished with Fire by Kristin Cashore and I’m completely loving it! I’d heard that it was different from Graceling, Cashore’s first novel (which I reviewed here) and this made me a bit hesitant, but I needn’t have worried. It’s fantastic!

The prologue re-introduces a character from the first novel that was really underdeveloped and, although he has definitely got a mega creepiness about him, is fascinating to read about and builds on his background. Not only did it reassure me that this story was a prequel of sorts (because otherwise I would never have guessed), it deals with some of the questions I had after the first – perfect!

Early assessment: I would recommend this as highly as I recommended Graceling – it is definitely a light read but this one is far more broad in its themes and scope and like a cross between my two favourite genres – historical fiction and fantasy fiction – perfect!

So I’ve got two long train journeys this weekend while visiting (and coming home from) my parents’ which means less blogging but more reading, which is a decent trade as far as I’m concerned! Also, no hop…

Have a great time those of you who take part and an awesome weekend – I’ll be reviewing with a vengeance on Sunday!