Gone on HOLIDAY!

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Just a quick break from the checking (and re-checking) of the packing for our holiday to post something undoubtedly incoherent about my being away on holiday!  It’s been a long time since Boyfriend and I have had a whole week straight off from work and I am looking forward to it SO MUCH it’s ridiculous.  For Christmas, I bought Boyfriend tickets to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Belgium.  We’re actually going to be staying in Germany (Aachen, specifically) and travelling to and from the grand prix on Saturday and Sunday. Sun, reading, relaxing, sight-seeing and my first live grand prix.  Happy days 🙂

Since we’ve decided to only take hand luggage, space is at a premium and only Colin the eReader will be accompanying us on this trip.  I’m currently reading The Humans by Matt Haig and, if it carries on being as good as it is at the moment (just less than 200 pages in), it is a FIVE STAR bundle of greatness.  I adore it.  Next up?  Who knows?  I have somewhere between 50 and 75 eBooks unread on my eReader at the moment and any one of them could be next.  Whatever I feel like when I get to that point, I guess.  Because this holiday is for us to unwind and have some fun!

So this time tomorrow, I’ll be in Aachen, hopefully having enjoyed a sunny day of being a tourist, eating something delicious and sipping German beer.  Can. Not. Wait.

See you when I get back! HAPPY READING, FRIENDS!!