It’s holiday time! *CHEERS*

My plan for today included writing some reviews that could appear while I was on holiday in a super organised fashion like some other book bloggers whose holiday preparation skills I can only be in awe of (yes, Ellie, that’s YOU! :-p). Instead, I finished off some work this morning, frantically packed and cleaned this afternoon with only time to spare to write this hasty post…what can I say?  I need a holiday!

Tomorrow, Boyfriend and I are heading over to the USA to visit Philadelphia and New York.  Excited isn’t even the word!!  I might actually pop, I’m looking forward to it that much.   

I’m taking a notebook so that I can pen some reviews if the mood strikes but this will mostly be about me being a tourist dork, eating a lot and spending plenty of time with Boyfriend that doesn’t include getting ready for work, getting home from work or talking about work 😀

Here’s a peek at what’s loaded and ready to go on my eReader for the trip:

 I know, I’m excited too.  

Until I get back, HAPPY READING!!