March 2014, You passed me by

Phewf!  What a month.  I know that all of us seem to feel the months flying by but I honestly couldn’t tell you what happened to March.  I’ve barely read a thing and I’ve barely had time to spare a thought for the blogging that I’ve not been doing.  I left my previous job because I wanted more challenging work and wow have I got it.  I’m unbelievably busy and I love how much I’m learning and the experiences I’m getting.   But that doesn’t mean that I’m not missing reading and talking about reading, because I am.  During one particularly cranky evening, I even contemplated just throwing it all in and resigning myself to the loss of my little space on the internet.  And then I got an email about the upcoming, wonderful releases from Gollancz and realised that I was being ridiculous.  So here we are!  Still quiet for the foreseeable future I expect but still here.
The Reading
I can sum up my reading from this month in one sentiment: why am I still reading Tess of the D’Urbevilles?!  I don’t hate it but it’s not exactly a relaxing read and my efforts to read something alongside it just resulted in me reading something else for a while.  To be fair, it was Running Like A Girl and I loved it so it was tricky to put that aside for Hardy.  I had planned on powering through the end of Tess over the weekend but I was out on Friday night and Saturday night and creating a vegetable patch in our back garden with Boyfriend on Sunday so that didn’t quite happen.
I almost don’t want to type the numbers…
Books read:  1 and a half…
Pages read:  I’m not sure, to be honest – 240 pages of Running Like A Girl and maybe 200 of Tess?
Audiobooks listened to:  1 and 2 halves (of different books, hence not “2”)
Reviewed in March
(Images link to reviews)


And that’s about it for March.  Hello, spring! May you contain many more books!