New Challenge: 101 Fantasy Reading Challenge

Here’s the challenge: http://101fantasychallenge.blogspot.com/

The rules:

1. Pick the number of books you want to read. It can be a mixture of the top 101, and/or the whole list. For example, you might want to aim to read 5 from the top 101 and 5 from the rest of the list.

2. Create a list of the books you want to tackle. You can create a list now, or add them as you go. Completely up to you.

3. The Challenge runs from 10/10/09 to 10/10/10

Seeing as I’m late this one – I’m starting small with 5 from the top 101 list!

Here are my choices:

“Graceling” by Kristin Cashore

“Poison Study” by Maria V. Snyder

“Interview with the Vampire” by Anna Rice

“Fragile Eternity” by Melissa Marr

“Dracula” by Bram Stoker

Any thoughts/other recommendations?