On Technical Glitches

I would be the first person to admit that I am not particularly good with coding.  I got into blogging because I wanted to talk about books, not because I had any illusions that I would be able to build an all-singing, all-dancing website.  I managed to sort of get by for about 5 years and then last weekend I came a-cropper.  I managed to botch an update to a plug-in and in the process put my blog (including its back up) firmly beyond my technically feeble reach.

And so here we are.  Lit Addicted Brit has survived but everything I’ve written since July is gone.  It had sort of survived in my app and I was readying myself to copy type at least the reviews (dedication) and then they expired too.  I’ve considered throwing in the towel but honestly I don’t think I really blogged a massive amount towards the end of last year and I’ve maybe posted three reviews in January so I’ve taken a hit but it’s one that I’ve decided to just manage with.  Because the thing is, not having a space to chat about what I’m reading just didn’t really feel like a nice option.  When I read, I just can’t help but think about what I want to talk about.

So let’s press on.  Onward and upward.