Quiet time coming up…

So Boyfriend and I have been on holiday and had a wonderful time – Tallinn is a beautiful city and much history, culture, food and drink was indulged in.  

This isn’t, however, a post for me to revel in holiday goodness and rejoice about the books I read.  It is instead a post to apologise for the fact that LitAddictedBrit will be very quiet for the coming week or so. Possibly longer…

Boyfriend and I were driving back from the airport yesterday evening and were involved in a pretty horrific car accident that involved our car, two other cars and two lorries.  Miraculously, Boyfriend and me and all of the other people involved walked out of the accident largely unhurt (except for some friction burns and bruises and the like…) and I am so so so thankful for modern car technology, among many other things, obviously!  I am also sorry if you happened to be stuck in the ensuing traffic jam on the M62 yesterday evening :-s  Unfortunately, despite not having any major injuries, I am feeling rather…ropey and concentrating on writing out reviews is beyond my limits at the moment.  There will be a lag in my responding to any emails and the like too so please be assured that I’m not simply being rude. 

I toyed with the idea of not posting anything but I wanted to make sure that anybody that stopped by knew why things were quiet and writing it out has proven strangely cathartic.  So yes, some rest and quiet time around here and I’ll be back raving about the books I read while on holiday 🙂 

Happy reading over the next few weeks, lovely fellow bloggers!!