#readWilkie – LET’S DO THIS!

It’s here.  The Moonstone read-along hosted by Ellie @ Lit Nerd is HERE!  Yes, I did only sign up a couple of days ago but I have been looking forward to starting ever since.  It helps that the edition that I’m reading is the super cute, mysteriously covered in teeny tiny cutlery Penguin English Library version…

Bad photograph; super cute book

I started this morning by eagerly bounding onto the train (sorry, other train users!), gingerbread latte in one hand and copy of The Moonstone in the other and getting started.  I read 28 pages.  I know, hold me back!
From what I’ve read, though, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to really like The Moonstone at least as long as Gabriel Betteredge is narrating because he says things like this…

“”…Nobody knows as much as you do, Betteredge, about what went on in the house at that time.  So you must take the pen in hand and start the story…”
If you are curious to know what course I took under the circumstances, I beg to inform you that I did what you would probably have done in my place.  I modestly declared myself to be quite unequal to the task imposed upon me – and I privately felt, all the time, that I was quite clever enough to perform it, if I only gave my abilities a fair chance” [Page 16, PEL edition]

And this…
We were not a happy couple, and not a miserable couple…How it was I don’t understand, but we always seem to be getting, with the best of motives, in one another’s way.  When I wanted to go upstairs, there was my wife coming down; or when my wife wanted to go down, there was I coming up.  That is married life, according to my experience of it.  After five years of misunderstandings on the stairs, it pleased an all-wise Providence to relieve us of each other by taking my wife”  [Page 21, PEL edition]
Early feelings are very good indeed.  Bring on the next 592 pages, please!!
I’ll next be checking in here on 16/17 November but in the meantime, I’ll be tweeting about my Moonstone/Wilkie exploits as @LitAddictedBrit.
Then there’ll be more tweeting (which may or may not be about Wilkie and/or The Moonstone, depending on whether or not I’ve finished the book by then) until I hopefully-maybe-probably post a review or some general final thoughts on 30 November.
If you want to be even more last minute than me (for which you will earn my undying respect, which I know you want), grab a copy, snap its picture and then pop over to visit Ellie HERE and get stuck in!