The Guardian and Observer Book Swap!

This is one of my favourite bookish initiatives of recent years but I have sadly only come to the party late…on the last two days to be specific. It’s being run by The Guardian and Observer as part of their books season and is all kinds of wonderful! Unfortunately, I think that this time around it’s UK only. Not that that stops you leaving bookish gifts around wherever you live!

The idea is that you choose a book you love, print off one the BookSwap stickers like this, write a little note to the new owner about why you love it and leave it somewhere to make someone’s weekend! It’s that simple 🙂

To find out more, check out the Guardian’s ‘How To Take Part’ summary here.

My copy of ‘Captain Correlli’s Mandolin’ was supposed to be hanging out in Leeds train station yesterday evening but when I went through, there were a lot of people a few too many fizzy pops into the night and so I took it home with me again! It will instead be left somewhere in Leeds City Centre today while I’m out and about!

I’ll be posting pictures of the drop on Twitter this evening (which, incidentally, I am irretrievably addicted to!) using the inventive username @litaddictedbrit!

[Oh, and all the pictures are taken straight from the Guardian’s website – thanks Guardian 🙂]